Services Offered:

Holistic Life Counseling:

I also offer a wide range of Clergy services including Marriage, Funerary and such. go here for these services please click belowMeditation: we use a variety of methods for meditation. This focuses the mind and sets the stage for listening to the intuition and Guidance of your connection to your self and the universal consciousness or Spirit. It can be used to relax and quiet our minds so that we can learn about ourselves, our connections to others and the Natural and Spiritual worlds.

Affirmations and Self hypnosis: These are positive statements used in a meditative trance like state that change negative energy into positive actions.

Here are a few categories and types of the work I perform. There are many more that will not fit in my limited space here. Contact me with any questions or needs not listed hereCounseling: Much like other mental health professionals we use dialogue from the individual and our Spiritual Guides to identify, find the patterns and behaviors that have us making unhealthy choices in relationships, jobs and most areas of our lives. We get so used to making subconscious decisions, We do not even realize we are making them. After Identifying them we can use Both Meditation and Affirmations to reprogram the mind to recognize and stop these negative thoughts before they can manifest in an issue or bring Chaos to your life.

Negative Energy clearing and Positive energy attraction: Have you ever heard people say they seemed to have a Dark cloud hanging over them? It may be true. like energy attracts like energy. our mindset, Illnesses and Pain can unwittingly attract similar energies. These energies can layer on our mind and bodies like a blanket or dark cloud. These energies will bring in darkness ad make it hard to see the light and opportunities that are all around us. lets work to clear that and make your life more fulfilling.

Healing After Abuse by Religious Clergy & Spiritual Leaders and Teachers

In this day and age, the news is always talking about how the Catholic Church, Southern Baptist, and Other organized religions have Sexually abused their followers. Many of us are familiar with the religious Cults Like Heaven’s Gate, The Branch Davidians,  and various high profile ones of the 21st century such as NXIVM.     We tell ourselves, I am not going to be taken in by these groups. we believe that those who are being abused are stupid, gullible and may have gotten themselves into such situations because of mental illness or other perceived Flaws in their character. We watch and state we can tell the difference and recognize the signs leading up to the abuse or being pulled in to a Cult. But, do we? We spend our time warning our children of Stranger Danger, Yet, as adults, the elderly and disabled we seldom see the signs. The Me too movement shined a light in the USA about people in power, using their positions to control and sexually abuse their victims. What about Mental abuse? Did control exert by these power-hungry individuals?  In this country, we have religious freedom. Along with the freedom to worship in our own way, there is always a predator waiting to take advantage. The Quote,” Beware the wolf in sheep’s clothing”, comes to mind. As well as the Christian Bible’s warning of ” Beware of False Prophets”.  The reason these groups and individuals thrive is because of a number of factors. 
   They count on the fact that we all deep down want to be loved. We have felt Abandoned and marginalized by others. We do not truly wish to live our lives alone and in isolation ( this is why social media is so popular). When we feel we do not conform to the norms that society dictates, we feel self-conscious for being different. When these needs elude our grasp, we tend to deem ourselves as not worthy of Love. When we meet someone with a charismatic individual, that seems to understand us, because they came from similar pain and wounding. That promises us a place of love and responsibility or power. Someone that promises us a Family that is unconditionally accepting and loving our guard is dropped. Commonsense is abandoned. We willingly spend money we do not have. To quote a statement, coined out of the Jone’s Town tragedy of the ’70s, We find ourselves Drinking the cool Aid,  Wearing the matching outfits, unknowingly recruiting others and losing that sense of who we are to fit who the leader and group tell us we are. Calling it our Spiritual destiny.

Nature Based Healing

It’s hard to believe that in this modern day and age, that nature is necessary for our mental and physical well being. We see cities were 150 years ago, they planned parks and green spaces among the buildings and businesses. As the Cities began growing at the end of the 19th century, there was an increase in both physical and mental health issues that doctors were at a loss to find a cause. One of the most famous of those afflicted was President Theodore (Teddy), Roosevelt. He became ill as a young man and when a cure could not be found for the physical deterioration of his physical health, he was sent west to the wilderness. As he traveled, camped and lived in the forest, ocean, mountains, etc.. His health returned as did his stamina, Lungs, and mental well being.  He stated throughout his life that nature helped him heal.  This led him to begin the National park system. Saving nature so that all citizens could visit and benefits from their visits. The medical community of that era coined the name “City Sickness” as the illness he experienced.    In the 21st century, this seems silly. Yet in the past 10 years, modern cities are struggling with preserving green spaces and parks vs building more housing. Seattle was once known as the emerald city. Now green spaces are being reduced at an astonishing rate. Many of us, are spending more of our lives inside on computers both at work and at home. we are isolating ourselves from the Elements and the Natural worlds.  Finding your soul’s connection to the divine:  We will discuss what animals you repeatedly see at home and on nature walks. We will Use Metaphysical principals such as Meditation to connect to the Universal Consciousness / energy and spiritual guidance. all done outside in a natural environment.

rt is nothing more than a conversation, between the artist’s soul , and the Divine Spirit of Creation.​​
This creates a dialogue between our mind our Soul and Spirit/ God to find Answers.We offer a group class Called Connecting to the elements within and without :This class identifies the Cardinal Element we are connected to internally. WE all have a connection to Air, Fire, Water or Earth, also we have a minor Element Mist, Steam, Mud and Ash/ darkness. Both the cardinal and minor elements can control how we handle challenges or emotional response to stressors. This is done through a series of  Other World Journeys.  We learn how to do basic divination work to connect deeper to that energy and use it in our daily lives. 

rt is nothing more than a conversation, between the artist’s soul , and the Divine Spirit of Creation.​​
This creates a dialogue between our mind our Soul and Spirit/ God to find Answers. Mindful nature walks and hikes: Often when we hike or walk in nature for exercise, we have a route and destination in mind. We rush through the woods, beaches, and mountains. We see it as exercise. Something that we do between other plans.  This is a more mindfulness approach to wandering outdoors.  observe the feeling of the sun and wind on your skin. The feeling of sand between your toes, the energy of a tree against your back. The smell of the forest during a rain and the sounds of the wind and water droplets on the leaves. see Nature in a whole new reality. in Animism everything has a Soul that we call a song. let your soul’s song talk to the other songs we do not hear when we rush through the natural world. 

Nature Based Healing  Connecting to your wild heart:  when we think of meditation, everyone thinks that you need to have a quiet room, burn incense and chant, chime and drum. This has its place in spiritual practice. However, Nature has its own voice. let’s sit by a stream, sit on the beach. be mindful as we garden, plant and clean up our yards. sit quietly and listen to the insects while we Fish. Let the wind blow around us on a bluff. Watching the Sunset as we drink a good beer or fine wine. Sit in the dark at a campfire, feel the connection with the fire. Let its passion fill you with the need to dance naked around the fire and bare your soul. Let the rain fall on your skin, feel it remove the burdens that fill your mind, dance in the tears of the sky. It seems weird, crazy and odd. This is because we follow rules that are set by society. We fear others will see us as Different. we offer programs for groups. experience nature in a loving and accepting group. Find that wildness in yourself and let it guide your life.  Having a veteran, family, spiritual group or corporate campout? Team building event? let me help. You provide the Venue outdoors. I will provide the guidance. 

rt is nothing more than a conversation, between the artist’s soul , and the Divine Spirit of Creation.​​
This creates a dialogue between our mind our Soul and Spirit/ God to find Answers. Personal Meditation Space/Garden: I set up a personal space to heal for individuals,  your employees, family or group in need of healing or stress release? limited on time? let me help design nature-friendly and inviting meditation space. Sometimes we just need that 15 min of quiet. Give this gift to your group or yourself. 

Art Based Healing:

Art is nothing more than a conversation, between the artist’s soul , and the Divine Spirit of Creation.​​
This creates a dialogue between our mind our Soul and Spirit/ God to find Answers.

We all hear of the tortured artist. the one that puts their blood, sweat, and tears into the creation of their art. This is actually a healing process. This is how Art helps heal

  When someone is busy creating an art piece, they are in a sense meditating. during this time their connection between Spirit and Self is a form of meditation. This, allows the artist to let go of fears, self-judgments, and other coping mechanisms. the time and dialogue, during creation, let the Soul’s voice come forward. Thus, letting the artist work through the fears. 
   The first thing that needs to be present in healing one’s soul is honesty with one’s self.  Then to learn not to fear this shadow. Essentially the finished work is a Prayer.
Those who like or hate it are doing nothing more than letting their own shadows dictate their response.

Drum Making: When we work with Animal hides, we are working with and honoring both the Song of the Animal, Wood frame of the forest but also our own Song. Revelations may be revieled during the process. The drum is then spiritually connected to the Soul of the owner if wished. this helps with healing journeys and Dialogue between your soul and the divine energy of Spirit/ God.

Shadows of light and Dark:  Through Art we explore the shadows that hold us back and keep us locked in pain and wounding. Many of us think of Dark Shadows as the ones that harm us . However, sometimes we are actually caught in a cycle of pain due to light Shadows. Things so bright that they keep us from seeing things as they truly are. lets explore both light and dark . freeing us from the grips of both that harm us.

Soul Painting: This is a method of meditation . The paintings are not planed out. In a state of meditation, Spirit guides the painter. The goal is not the painting, Since this is a meditative conversation with your Soul’s Song, Shadows and emotions that we keep hidden in the subconscious , become part of the conscious mind. that can then be dealt with, to facilitate healing Finding Who WE Are? Many of us have put so much into a life , family, job etc. In doing so, we are left feeling incomplete. this usually occurs due to a life changing event. we ask who am I? Lets use art to find that missing pieces are hidden from us. lets find the soul that was sung into being by the ancestors, but that has been forgotten

Shamanic Healing:

Animist Spiritual Healing has been called many names. Natural Healing, Metaphysical Healing, Soul Healing, Shamanic Healing Traditional Healing, and many other names. We call this Animist Spiritual Healing.  My methods are based on Shamanic principles as well as Metaphysical training.. The Healer is merely the bridge, between Spirit and the one seeking to be healed.  person seeking help is Calling out to Spirit, God, Holy Spirit, universal energy, etc..  The soul is Vibrational energy that is part of the one Universal Vibration of the divine. in prayer.  which emanates from the one Great universal consciousness, Universal energy or God. As the facilitator I do not perform the healing, Spirit does.  
   The main thing that this healing does is remove barriers and blockages, that keep the Lamentor in a state of imbalance. once this is removed,  the body and mind can remember what has been blocked or forgotten. Thus, the Person is made “Whole” . This integrates and the balance is restored.  This Healing uses Rituals and Prayer to call Spirit and help the individual release the false sense of self and opens them to guidance by helping them find their true-self.understand that something has Changed with in them. 

Soul Remembering( Aka Soul retrieval): Trauma can cause a type of Soul Amnesia. When a traumatic event occurs in our lives and we can not process what has happened, our Song will create a dissociation of sorts. essentially a “Soul Amnesia” occurs.   Our minds then fill in the gaps of those events. This can be temporary, or we begin to believe the narrative and it creates an attachment. This can create conditions that lead to Addiction, Mental Illness, Fear and Anxiety.  this block is removed. Thus allowing the person to remember and reintegrate that forgotten part of their soul.

Intrusion/attachment removal, Soul DeArmoring:: The Soul can react to trauma by placing a type of blockage or protection (armor) over a wounded area of the body. This is a misguided protective process. In contrast, Intrusions and Attachments are placed by others. It can be a malicious act of intent to harm or most often it’s done without the others knowledge. Bullying, belittling, told not good enough, and other common behaviors or something as innocent as trying to please others to our own detriment is but a few examples. Through a ritual similar to Remembering, these objects are removed from the energy body. 
Soul Resonance( realignment) Pre/ post organ transplant integration, Twin Soul integration , body image issues, and Trans-gender soul realignment with new body image, Soul Jump In’s at near-death or extreme trauma. This is used when the lamentor, Has Two competing Souls inhabiting the same body, or the individual feels that the  Soul Song does not fit their physical form at birth. Transplanted organs can have attachments to the former owner. these can follow them when transplanted, A  pregnancy that was thought to be multiple births, however only one child is viable or one absorbed. Through this technique, a ritual is performed to bring the Soul back into alignment so both can live in harmony or one is asked to leave. it reconciles the Soul to integrate with the new body or align the soul to its current form.
Curse unbinding and  Adjacent life work:  Sometimes we look at our family or selves and think we are cursed. That we can not seem to get out from under what seems like a dark cloud. A curse can follow families, you through your Adjacent lives( past lives). It can also be placed upon your current life by a malicious act by an Occult practitioner. We can also self curse ourselves. I will help you identify and break this curse and its hold on your life. 
    Sometimes patterns are identified and linked to past incarnations. in my tradition, we call these adjacent lives. I will walk through those lives with the help of spirit. when I see the life that began the pattern, you are taken to that life and shown what trauma caused the pattern to start.  A ritual is performed to change these patterns and release you from this and curses.

Military/ Veteran  Homecoming, separation and PTSD: Occasionally when service members come home or are having issues with their discharge and integration back into civilian life. Also, warriors that come home after deployment into a war zone and can not adjust back to non-combat status. The old pre-Christian cultures like Rome and various Celtic had specific rituals for returning Warriors. They involved leaving their arms and Armor behind and then they were washed, clothed and purified in a ritual manner. This allowed the Warrior to let go of the attachments that they accumulated before returning. In some instances, the Warrior has night terrors and other symptoms we call PTSD. The Animist cause of PTSD is seen as an internal haunting. A loop plays in the individual’s mind. By breaking those memories and stopping them from playing in that loop, can help the individuals in a releasing ritual. This work is also beneficial for the  Family of the Military /Veteran, as they have been dealing with the stress of their homecoming.

 First responders( Police, Fire and other Disaster response workers and  Medics/ Corpsman): Very similar to Military section above. However, your situation is unique. Most of the people who enter these professions, want to help their communities. This opens them up to connect to those communities by living in them and working in them. There is no true “getting away”. You see the families of those who you have contact with. Your children go to school with their families and you may even have a personal relationship with someone who is wounded or dies while you are on your shift. The major stressor that can trigger your PTSD is the death of a child or loss of a coworker or family member. Whether due to accident, human abuse or impaired driver. That image gets stuck in our minds. We can see the symptoms of Anger, Fear, emotional pain. We may realize that these are actually internal anger etc.. due to self-judgment. The words, what could I have done to stop this from happening. What could I have done or not done that could have saved them? I am available for individual or group work to help you, your family and coworkers.

removal of ghosts:  I can clear ghosts , residual energy and other entities from homes, property, and land. Many businesses.  Barns, Bakeries, breweries, former churches, medical facilities both human and animal.  some are caused by ghosts residual energy other by Demonic activity. Signs are Excessive sweating and agitation in animals. the bread that will not rise, Beer that will not carbonate. Apparitions and things moving and disappearing. Also, places that have experienced mass shootings, suicides, domestic violence, and other traumatic events.  
Exorcism and demonic possession:  The two main ones below but not the only ones. Seek the assistance of a mental health professional to rule out mental illness or protect your safety first
Vampiric: This is a result of unrequited love. This demon needs the love of the person of which they are attached. They take for themselves and use the individual to fill their needs. Extremely jealous, suspicious and controlling. They isolate their partner from family, friends and even children because they see them as competing for your love. When you try to leave a relationship or do leave you feeling better, healthier with more energy or clear mind? Then the former partner seems to draw you back in out of guilt or playing the victim or the person in distress? resulting in getting back together. Stalking/obsession is another red flag. I can help break that bond and freeing you from the demon.

Clergy services:

I also offer a wide range of Clergy services including Marriage, Funerary and such. go here for these services please click below