Appointments and Payments

Currently, unemployment has risen and created a large stress on individuals, Families and society. We at Guiding Spirit WA understand, that payment for services, may be a barrier to individuals seeking our help. Please contact me an see what we can work out.

Therefore, we will be offering our services and changed our normal fee structure for basic counseling and Shamanic healing services.

Counseling services start at $75.00/ Hr.

Initial consultation & Shamanic Healing rituals start @ $125.00 for 2Hrs

In metaphysical healing there is an exchange of energy. The practitioner accepted the local monetary donation as the exchange for their connection to spirit. Payment was not for the Actual Healing , Since that was free between Spirit and the one seeking healing. The Healing practitioner, was expected by Spirit, to Charge something for being the bridge between parties. To not do so, was seen as not valuing themselves, thus not valuing their connection.

The old way of paying for services, was based on both honesty of the client and needs of the healer, coming together in a mutually benefiting agreement.

( Some services such as cost of fuel coming to your location, Drum and rattle making supplies and other services that require an out of pocket expense by me must be reimbursed and are not considered as available for discount, Currently a 15″ Hide drum supplies will cost 200.00, Rattles 40.00 not including time and healing rituals)

call and discuss your needs and what options are available to you.

For your convenience we accept multiple payment options such as cash or Venmo are our preferred method of compensation( credit cards can be accepted however, an additional processing fee will be added)

To Schedule please go to contact page and either call or fill out a contact form Please under that Tab or call/ text our number