Meet the Shamanic Healer:

Joseph Abbott
Metaphysical Counselor, Pathfinder Shaman, Teacher and Animist/Metaphysical Minister

​Joseph, calls Westport, WA home. Situated on the Pacific Northwest coast with views of the Olympic mountains and Pacific Ocean, it lends energy of nature to his work. This is constant reminder of the energy and Connection to the Divine universal Consciousness that is present in all things. Joseph first connected to the healing power of Nature, and Meditation as he wandered the Appalachian Mountains and Forest of Pennsylvania as a child and while camping with the Boy Scouts of America, and living throughout the United States.
   He is an ordained Metaphysical Minister, through the International Metaphysical Ministry (IMM). Where he has completed his Bachelor of Metaphysical Science, B.Msc., His Masters in Metaphysical Sciences M.Msc. Joseph , is currently working on his Doctorate in Metaphysical Counseling , through the University of Metaphysics located in Sedona AZ.   He also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Medical Laboratory Sciences, from Cabrini university near Philadelphia. having also studied history, humanities and philosophy at the Graduate level in Sunbury Ohio at Ohio Dominican University. An initiated Pathfinder Shamanic Practitioner, Animist and Metaphysical Minister where he holds membership with the International Metaphysical Ministry(I.M.M.)
   He served as a Hospital Corpsman in the USN where he worked in Nursing and studied Laboratory Sciences, and he participated in community Health and Outreach programs while in the service.  Joseph has worked in Various Hospitals and Trauma Centers, treating and comforting the ill and Dying. His dedication to Science Led him to question and seek answers outside the Western Medical establishment when he was diagnosed with PTSD.
    This With the discovery of his Intuitive and Empathic abilities ,led Joseph to Studying Animism and Initiating as a Shamanic Healer and Pathfinder. His knowledge of the Scientific theories of Conservation of Mass and Energy led him to the study of Metaphysics.

   Joseph has Worked extensively as a spiritual healer and metaphysical counselor. His focus has been on helping Veterans, women and their families dealing with PTSD and other Trauma-related issues find their True-Self, by letting go of that false-self based on their own self-judgment and belief that they are Alone and Abandoned by God, and those spiritually abused by other teachers, clergy and societies.  He has taught at Various Shamanic Conferences in the USA, Canada and India.  He uses and Teaches Art Based Meditation and healing to break down psychological and Spiritual barriers, and Nature-based meditation to open individuals to the Divine power and Love of God.

Joseph Has been in practice and walked his spiritual Journey through various means such as Star Song Healing, Star Song Shamanic Arts and Star Song of Westport WA a 501(c)3 and now through Guiding Spirit Church and Guiding Spirit WA.. With offices in both Westport and Lacey WA. He uses his skills to help the under-served communities of Grays Harbor and Beyond. These Have helped him hone his skills as a Healer, Counselor , Artist , Minister and Teacher. His philosophy has always been,” By Healing the individual, You Heal the family, Community and World”.

Associations: International Metaphysical Minister’s association through University of Metaphysics. Life Member of American Legion, Life member of Disabled American Veterans and Registered as a Medical Technologist MT(ASCP), with the American Society of Clinical pathologists, and a former member of the Society for Shamanic Practice.

I Offer counseling as a Minister with the International Metaphysical Ministry. I am not a licensed mental health Therapist or Psychologist , nor do I engage in the practice of psychology or represent myself as one