Welcome to Guiding Spirit WA

We are situated between the Pacific Ocean to our West, Grays Harbor to the East and The Olympic mountains to the north on the Washington Coast. This allows us to work with the Healing energies of these sacred places in a relaxed setting , where your Mind, Body and Spirit can heal and rejuvenate. The area allows for many opportunities to Reconnect with Nature, Spirit and your own Soul. While quieting and Healing the Mind. Thus, beginning your Journey to bring a new sense of Balance into your Life , finding lost passions and remembering who you were meant to be.

We at Guiding spirit wish to be a part of your healing Journey and assist you as you find that Balance, you are seeking

Welcome My name is Joseph Abbott I am the owner of to Guiding Spirit WA. I offer both Holistic life counseling and Shamanic Healing in a Safe and loving environment, that is free of judgement and inclusive to all who seek my assistance. I believe that you were guided here by Spirit and I am always in service to the community. please look my site over and if there is any questions please feel free to reach out for clarification or to schedule an appointment. Thank you and may the Ancestors and Spirit guide you Path and bring love and peace into your life.

I Offer Pastoral counseling as a Minister with the International Metaphysical Ministry. I am not a licensed mental health professional , nor do I engage in the practice of nor represent myself as one.

If you are having a crisis , call 911, visit an ER and visit a Licensed Psychiatrist in the state of Washington. Then when the crisis passes we will work with you and assist your spiritual needs.