About Guiding Spirit

Our Mission is to: ” To bring Balance and Healing to the individual Mind, Body and Spirit, Through a reconnecting to Nature, Spirit and our True selves. In doing So bring Balance to a world that is in a state of imbalance. Heal the individual is to Heal the World.”

So, you may ask What is Holistic Life Counseling and Shamanic Healing? How can I benefit from this?

First while some of the terminology is found in Psychology, I am not a state Licensed Psychologist, I am a Metaphysical / Shamanic Practitioner and Minister.

Holistic life Counseling looks at the patterns in your life that have contributed to an Imbalance in your life. We not only treat the mental component of the imbalance, but we also look at the spiritual aspects of your life.

After identifying the negative patterns, in your life, relationships, family dynamics etc. We try to help you change these patterns and with it break the negative energy that is creating the chaos in your life.

We (the term We is used, because this is a collaborative process Between you, and Spirit and me as facilitator), use a number of methods, such as meditation, Mindfulness, Affirmative Affirmation, Art and other things to help you develop a Spiritual connection to Yourself, Nature and Spirit. This will help you develop and learn to trust your intuition and think about consequences before making decisions that could affect your life. We teach you to listen to and trust your soul and the messages it is trying to give you for guidance.

Sometimes, there are deep trauma and emotional wounds that keep us from having an open dialogue with ourselves and Spirit. It blocks our ability to see this mind, body, and soul connection. It is a form of “Spiritual Amnesia”. This is when I use the Shamanic or Animist approach to heal and remove those blockages, through Journey, Rituals and other methods that Spirit chooses me to Use. Thus, allowing for the Counseling aspect to take shape.

One thing to remember, all healing and Counseling comes from Spirit. I am merely the trained “Bridge”, that allows that connection and Healing to manifest in your life.

Second, it requires your Full participation. While my presence as the mediator / healer assists Spirit, you still have free will and control over the course of treatment. You can Say NO to all methods or expect an explanation prior to the sessions, rituals, methods etc.

Thirdly, Because I work with the spiritual aspect of the soul, and all is through the Divine, I can work with individuals, regardless of their current or previous childhood spiritual path. I respect all spiritual paths and religious teachings. I am not here to change your current spiritual path, just assist you as you strengthen your connection with Spirit, God the Ancestors that guide you through life.